Space for Giants

Our Mission

To secure a future for the largest mammals on earth forever, to be enjoyed by humanity forever, by ensuring that they have the space and security to live and move freely in the wild forever.

Giving giants a value

If people do not value wildlife, then wildlife has no future. To give elephants a value in the Ewaso Ecosystem we are working with local people and our partner organisations to undertake three activities: learn more »

Preventing human-wildlife conflict

Human-wildlife conflict is not easy to solve and requires large investments of time and resources to reduce it to levels that local people can tolerate. The best thing we can do is prevent it from occurring in the first place. This needs proper land-use planning. What are we doing about it? Find out »

Stopping the slaughter of giants

The number of elephants currently being killed for their ivory has not been seen since the era referred to as the ‘elephant holocaust’. The high price of ivory in Asia is driving the current surge in poaching globally, while local poverty and poor governance is enabling it to happen locally. There are things that we can do, find out more »

Training the next generation of wildlife conservationists

For the sake of the world’s giants we aim to recruit more people like these into the ranks of wildlife conservation. What else are we doing to create the next generation of wildlife conservationists? Find out »

Engaging hearts & minds of local people in conservation

We’re use interactive drama to address the recent upsurge in elephant and rhino poaching to persuading local people to actively participate in wildlife protection. We also produce simple comic books, educational posters, sports events and school competitions. Find out more »

How can you help?

Space for Giants is working on the ground every day to win a secure future for elephants, the places they live and the species that share their range. We rely on your support to achieve our conservation goals. All contributions help. Donate »

  • Meet the Team

      Find out who is behind Space for Giants, meet our trustees, advisors, CEO and management team.

  • Meet the Elephants

      Get to know our giants with these profiles and pictures...

  • Our Supporters

      We are extremely grateful to all those who have generously donated to Space for Giants. Each one of you has helped us to get one step closer to achieving our mission. Thank You.

  • Interactive Conservation

      Four of Space for Giants’ elephants have joined Twitter! They are sharing their daily adventures via their GPS collars. Follow them and keep track of the distance they cover, any mischief they get up to and who they like to hang out with.



Journeys for Giants

Space for Giants is offering a small number of strictly limited opportunities for our supporters and friends to join us in the heart of the wild landscapes we strive to protect. Help us to secure a future for elephants by joining us on an unforgettable fundraising conservation challenge or an exclusive conservation safari. Find out more »

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